Dear Fellow American:

The FBI has investigated Brett Kavanaugh, and here’s what Bloomberg reported today:

“A top Senate Republican said Thursday the confidential FBI report on charges that Brett Kavanaugh sexually abused women three decades ago ‘found no hint of misconduct’ by the Supreme Court nominee.”

I think you agree it’s time for the Senate to vote and to confirm Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court.

Please call your Senator at 1-202-224-3121.

Let Senator know you want her to vote “YES” for Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation.

Tell her you received this message from Michael Reagan of The Conservative Trust of Americaand that you support our efforts to get Judge Kavanaugh confirmed.

After you call, please forward a link to this page to as many friends and family as you can, urge them to call their Senator today!

Your efforts so far are working. Let’s keep the pressure up – and get Brett confirmed!

Yours for America

Michael Reagan

The Conservative Trust of America


P.S. We at the Conservative Trust are still fighting the Democratic media machine to get tens of thousands of calls generated to confirm Brett Kavanaugh. Please continue to support these efforts by Donating Here Now